Why Mosaic Church exists


Our aim is not to be just another church – but return to the model given to us in Acts 2 and be THE CHURCH in our local and neighbouring communities - ministering in the Holy Spirits’ power, creating and nurturing authentic fellowship and functioning in smaller groups which we call LifeGroups – the place where we believe people are looked after pastorally, edified, held accountable and discipled. We endeavour to see the Mosaic Family culture characterized by the presence of God, true worship, family, revival, miracles and honour.

Mosaic Church meets on Saturday nights, so that we remain relevant to the culture of sand, surf, sun, coffee and family within our community. Our heart is to free up Sundays so that families can spend time with families, friends can spend times with friends and people can even use Sundays to just rest and enjoy some time out. 


Our Story


“Mosaic Church was birthed in May 2013, after God revealed to me, as I lay on the floor in a broken, hurting, foetal position, that there was another and another and another person – actually a sea of humanity – who were broken and hurting just as bad, if not worse than I was.

I then saw thousands upon thousands of people - representing different lives, backgrounds, sizes, colours, shapes, and textures - symbolic of the diversity of human life on this planet - being drawn together by a love, so different from the love in this world, and then joined and held together by, what I came to realize later, was the blood of Jesus shed for us ALL on that day at Golgotha, 2000 years ago! These people were forming what seemed to be a picture – but what happened next made me stand a-gasp in awe and wonder.
Light started flowing from each broken piece, a little in the beginning, growing stronger and stronger. Thousands of different colours from thousands of different lives was slowly being released. I was in awe! It was a beauty beyond words …… and then ….. I got the name – MOSAIC! When I looked up the meaning of Mosaic I read “a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small pieces of broken stone, tile, glass, etc.” Clearly this was what I had seen.

My wife and I knew, after many promptings, reminders, words of prophecy and then this, that the time had come to step out and create a ‘ lace' where the broken could gather, be restored, be loved and be released to reveal the beauty that God had inputted in each one of His creations. It was to be a place where the Holy Spirit had free reign and where God was the centre of all we did and all we said. It was to be His place and it was to be a place called Mosaic! – JJ Meyer (Founder & Snr Pastor)


On 25 May 2013, Jay Jay and Paulina responded to a very specific call of God on their lives. That day, after much prayer and wise council, they committed themselves and their family to a journey of great faith that would lead to the establishment of a diverse church in the heart of Banora Point, New South Wales. It was a church founded in response to God’s calling, a revealed need and is strategically being patterned after the New Testament church: a church for others, a church for all people - this church called Mosaic Church.



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