Mosaic is filled with every day people who just love God and enjoy growing in faith together. If you're a visitor and curious if Mosaic is a place where you could fit in, we thought it may help to read what others have to say.


"We first went to Mosaic church to help a neighbour become established in a local church, (or so we thought). However, we were unable to stop going.  We absolutely loved it. For us it was an answer to prayer, where Christ was the centre and His will the aim. The presence of God is absolutely beautiful - the worship is real and deep and people's lives are healed and changed. We were amazed at the quality of the people and knew that we could invite anybody along and they would be touched by God and cared for by people." K&D


"Upon entering the Mosaic Church Hall I found an instant presence of the Holy Spirit. I have been a member of a number of Pentecostal Churches since I became Born Again Christian in 1989, but none of them had such a beautiful Praise and Worship that this Mosaic Church has. The preaching of this Church is one of Love and Grace in a beautiful Charismatic way. The Pastors, Jay Jay and his wife Paulina, have an anointing when they both sing and preach. I have heard many Pastors preach, but they preach directly from the Bible quoting both words and text. I have always been one who enjoys a little story combined in the sermon, just like Jesus did when He spoke in Parables." MB


"God turns all things for good for those that love Him, and since grief came to my door years ago - I never felt I was apart of anything- I never belonged anywhere until...

I was led to Mosaic Church and I watched the pastor pray for those who wanted prayer. All I could see was the banner over him and the church was love. As he prayed he held and touched each person …. it was the first time I saw Jesus in a pastor!!

Often Pastor Jay Jay would talk about family and I would cringe and want to run - but God, Jay Jay and these people in this church have broken through to me with such love. I have the very thing I resisted so long- I belong! I love this church family." CA


"We have been born again for many years and attended numerous Churches. A few months ago we came to Mosaic Church for the first time and feel that this is where we belong. Pastor Jay Jay, has the beautiful presence of the Lord and the sweet peace and comfort we got, was the truth of how our Lord would have it. The worship leaders have captured something beautiful and we pray that it will stay with us." JB


"From the very beginning of the commencement of Mosaic we have enjoyed and been blessed by being involved with a group of like-minded people. There has been an added dimension also as we have worshipped together and shared suppers. These times have allowed all of us to get to know one another better and to bond in the love of the Lord. There is also a wonderful freedom as we worship the Lord and we sense His presence as we commune with Him.


As the word Mosaic expresses, broken pieces of tile or glass made into a wonderful picture or work of art, so to it expresses Mosaic Church made up of people who have been broken (like us) but now brought together to form something wonderful in God." H&R


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